Use Singapore as a hub for your Asia-Pacific markets

Singapore offers a politically stable environment and good business relationships with all Asia Pacific countries.  For instance, Singapore has signed AFTA and 25 other agreements with various markets that allows tax savings for Singapore made products.  Being centrally located and one of the best seaport and airport in the world, shipping goods to any Asia pacific markets by sea and air are fast convenient and efficient.

Use made in Singapore to maximise your brand image

Made in Singapore is one of the most trusted images in the world.  Especially in health products industry, gaining this trust is extremely important.  China consumers rank Singapore health products as one of their best trusted country of made.  So do the 608 million consumers in ASEAN countries.  Tap on this advantage for your range of products!

Get Halal certification in Singapore and tap on the huge regional Muslim market.

Getting your products Halal certified is always a wise choice.  Mandatory to some markets, and both Muslims and non-Muslims can take your products.  Open your gateway to Asia-Pacific Muslim market by producing and certify Halal in Singapore!

Singapore multi culture environment made us familiar with Chinese herbs, Jamu, Ayurveda herbs, and western herbs.

We are always proud of our racial and religion harmony.  This culture exposes us to Chinese herbs, Jamu, Ayurveda herbs and western herbs.  We know how to use them, process them and make them into your products.

UNION offers the widest dosage varieties for your series of products.

Save your effort to find individual GMP factories to produce different dosage forms of your series of products.  Our manufacturing processes includes grinding, sieving, granulating, mixing (liquid & powder), extracting etc.  From here, we can produce into capsules, tablets, powder, liquid, tea bags.  You can then choose to pack into bottles, blisters, sachets, tins, jars, bags.  Click on services to see the choices your have!

UNION always support our clients to register and export our products.

We have been supporting our clients documents, stability studies, tests required, certifications required for registration of your products in many Asia Pacific markets.  Some examples are Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and some beyond Asia Pacific markets like USA, Nigeria, Qatar.

UNION make it easy for your to do business with us

We price our services for a reasonable and affordable win win situation for both companies.  Most of the time, using UNION as your manufacturing partner is more cost effective than bringing finished products from overseas.  Our facilities are designed to produce a variety of products in reasonably small batch quantities and complying to GMP guideline.  On the other hand, we are also capable of fulfilling large volume jobs like tender projects and large order for exports.  We welcome small and big volumes.

UNION understands and supports our clients marketing requirements and build mutual trust

UNION understands and supports clients marketing activities by producing trial batches and pack sample packs for you to test market.  We also welcome our customers to visit of facilities and see exactly how we produce your products from start to end.  Should you need product liability insurance, we have arrangement for such service as well.

UNION assist clients in Product Development

Yes we do work with some very experience Chinese physicians for product development and efficacy verification.  We can also assist in raw material, packaging material scouring and introducing printers, designers and distributors to you.