Herbs Cleaning

Washing and cleaning with purified water before herbs are processed into different dosage forms.

Herbs Grinding

Grinding cleaned raw herbs into fine powder beyond 80 mesh size before processing into powder, tablets or capsules dosages.

Herbs Drying

Drying of herbs or other starting material to desired moisture level so to preserve its quality, medical benefits and shelf life.


Mixing of different raw material of similar particle size homogenously.  Capacity of 30kg – 400kg

Extracting and Concentrating

Extracting the medical benefits of herbs into liquid form.  Subsequently remove water content of liquid output so to reduce output weight and retain only the goodness of the herbs.

Granules making

Make powder into granules for tableting process or granule dosage form.


Pressing granules into tablets dosage form in a wide variety of weight and shapes to choose from.

Capsule filling

Filling powder into size 1,0,00 in choice of vegetable or non-vegetable capsules in wide variety of colour.

Sachet Packing

Packing powder, granules or capsules into sachet bags.  Weight range from 1g-50g are available, use only easy to open foil material.  Batch number/expiry date printing on sachets at the same time.

Blister packing

One of our clients favourite process because we have >15 moulds to choose from to pack capsule, tablet, caplet and softgel.

Powder filling into bottle or tin and tin seaming

Filling powder into containers at required weight, and seam sealing the tin for air tight protection.

Bottle filling

Filling capsule, tablet, caplet, softgel with choice or 1g or 3g silica gel into bottles or liquid cold fill or liquid hot fill into bottles.

Secondary Packing

Finally, packing of intermediate products into finished form, labelling, boxing, packing, batch number/expiry date printing, shrink wrapping, carton packing, packing into pallets and get ready for local or export deliveries.